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DigiTek IT Inc. has built a unique expertise, focused on the global capital markets services industry. Our resource is configured closely around the specific needs and the specialized activity areas of the industry. We offer key "domains" of financial services expertise, staffed with highly experienced teams who understand both the strategic business change drivers and their technology implications.


Within capital markets, DigiTek IT Inc. serves Trading Firms, Trading Venues and Asset Management Firms, Trading Technology Vendors. Our Capital Markets management and technology consulting practice combines proven and successful methodologies and frameworks. Our expert practitioners have the deep and current insight that comes from years of professional and practical experience. From the front office to the back office, our solutions meet the specific and stringent demands of leading institutions and trading venues. With significant resources, implementing both small- and large-scale IT solutions to clients' satisfaction has been our strength.


Real Time Data Systems

Market Data & Reference Data, Connectivity, Order Management, Execution & Clearing, Data Visualization, High Frequency Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Low Latency systems.


Worked with majority of Data Vendors, Developed Direct Feed handlers for 40+ World Exchanges, Implemented DMAs for 15+ Trading Venues, Developed Order Management Systems, Developed FIX Connectivity solutions, Worked with FPGL based Data Systems, RTD Excel Interface, Real Time Position Server for HFT


Asset & Wealth Management

Real Time Monitoring, Client facing Portals, Broker/ Dealer back office Integration, Client & Regulatory Reporting, Risk Management, Quantitative Modeling, Data Analytics.


Developed Real time Monitoring for Alternative Investment Funds, Developed real time Integration tools for Broker/ Dealers, Implemented Regulatory OATs reporting


Vendor Product Integration

Market Data Integration, Trading Systems, Compliance & Risk Managements Integration, Clearing & Reporting, Fund Administration & Accounting systems integration, External Research & Data products integration


Integrated Trading Systems TD Bricks, Charles River; Integrated Advent Fund Accounting, EOD Data from DTCC, Mutual Fund Data integration with Edgar, ETF Basket Data Integration from DTCC & Sponsors


We have deep understanding of markets in Commodities, Equities, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Fixed Income. Clients from the following areas availed our services:

  • Proprietary Trading
  • Broker / Dealer
  • Hedge Funds
  • Trading Exchanges / Venues
  • Market Data Vendors
  • Product Vendors