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Seamless Information Management with DigiTek IT Inc. Enterprise Portals simplify the work processes in an enterprise by providing a single web-enabled platform for all applications and services.


DigiTek IT Inc. does just this and more by web-enabling all the applications in your enterprise and improving the user-interface and moving all systems to a single common platform. DigiTek IT Inc. will benefit your company with features like open, enterprise-wide Web-enabled environment for people to interact with applications and find information.


Our framework relies on the "Web-based Portal" to manage Web applications and integrating systems, managing knowledge, supporting collaboration and enhancing security across the enterprise. It will add a new dimension to your company's Web-based infrastructure across different platforms for different applications.


Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Microsoft Content Management Server Plumtree Corporate Portal Broad Vision Enterprise Business Portals DigiTek IT Inc. made on Microsoft Technologies Benefits of DigiTek IT Inc.: Lower Costs: With cost-effectiveness in developing and maintaining intranets, extranets and web-enabled applications.


With the web-enabling of legacy applications, it leads to a higher ROI across the Enterprise. Enterprise Productivity: All the Enterprise entities work on a common platform and this leads to increase in enterprise productivity and revenues.